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Rose Winebrenner Bio

Rose Winebrenner is a composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, children's book author and visual artist based in Hong Kong.

She has recently co-created the story, lyrics and music of MELODIA, a musical theatre work, with Violaine Corradi (Cirque du Soleil, IMAX) and Lindsey McAlister (Founder of Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation). MELODIA features a cast of over 100 youth performers and debuted in Hong Kong at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium April 27-29, 2017.

MELODIA is the heroic journey of a geeky 13 year old girl and takes place on Planet Zymbalia. As she discovers her inner power and strength, Melodia makes friends with mythical creatures who accompany her on an adventure to save the planet from a heinous villain who uses destructive sound frequencies and sonic weaponry to cause the fall of a mighty people. This original 100 minute theatrical experience highlights Cymatics, the Power of Sound, the Power of Words and Thoughts, and the Value of Family and Friendship.

For the 2017 Ocean Art Walk in Hong Kong's Stanley Harbour, Rose and Violaine co-composed the Sea Chant. The song was created to accompany A Fish Out of Water, with original script based on a Maori legend by Lindsey McAlister, and original dance by HKYAF choreographers Kirsten Ho, Desiree Ho and Wai Lai.

Rose has two solo musical albums online, Chicago Rose    I Am a Butterfly and Chicago Rose Setting New Standards Jazz CD.

She is also featured on the ZAiA album (Cirque du Soleil - Macau) as a lead singer, vocal arranger and instrumentalist.

Rose's voice is featured singing in Violaine Corradi's music in the closing credits of The Elder, a faity tale short film by British born Scriptwriter, Director and Performer Jacqueline Haigh. 

Rose Winebrenner was born in 1971 in the picturesque lakeside township of Evanston, Illinois, which boarders Chicago. Rose's first musical teacher was her mother Clara, who claims that Rose was singing before she was talking. Under the guidance of Clara, Rose sang for approximately three to four hours everyday and memorixed over 100 songs before she ever attended school.  Rose also showed a natural gift for the piano at an early age and started to pick out the melodies of songs as soon as she could sit on the piano bench at two years of age. At the age of five Rose and her family moved to her mother's native island of Guam USA where her father William worked as the director of health education for a mission clinic.

It was in Guam that Rose started to officially study the piano at age six and the violin at age seven. Rose started to compose music on the piano at the age of seven. Her parents discovered that she could play the piano by ear when after only one hearing of Scott Joplin's The Entertainer played by a fellow student at a school talent show, Rose went straightaway to the piano as soon as the family returned home, and played it note for note with both hands.  After aural testing with her violin and piano teacher, it was discovered that Rose had perfect pitch.  Rose also studied traditional ballet and hula dance in Guam. The family moved back to Chicago when Rose was nine and she was enrolled in the school band by her mother Clara, and started taking flute lessons at age ten. All through her schooling Rose was identified by her teachers as musically gifted and was invited numerous times to play the piano at school assemblies and to sing solos with various choirs.  She continued to compose songs and co-founded her first original pop band at age thirteen.

Rose then attended Lane Tech College Prep High School and enrolled in the school choir where whe met Legendary Chicago Musical Icon, Mr. George Rico, the music teacher who would alter her life forever. It was through Mr. Rico that Rose discovered that in a school such as Lane, singing was considered a technical field and so had a vocal major program. She immediately changed her major from engineering to vocal music and a new couse was set for her life.  It was as Lane Tech that she started taking formal vocal lessons with George Rico, the Choir Master and the Chair of the Musical Department. Rose became an apprentice to Mr. Rico and was taught the art of piano accompaniment for solo instruments, mainly voice.  Mr. Rico also invited Rose to sing weekly in the choir and as a soloist at Ravenswood Presbyterian Church, where he was the Musical Director. At Ravenswood Rose learned how to play the pipe organ from Mr. Rico and eventually was playing the organ and the piano and selecting music for the church services when Rico needed a substitute. Ravenswood Church also had a music program, The Ravenswood Music Institute for children every Saturday, and Rose was taught to be a voice and piano teacher and choir conductor for children.  In addition to singing she also learned the ins and outs of organizing and rehearsing for concerts, as Mr. Rico was the Director and Conductor of Chicago's Mid City Choral Society which held two concerts per year featuring the works of George Fredrick Handel, Antonio Vivaldi and Theodore Dubois to name a few, which were accompanied by a live orchestra.  As a vocal major at Lane, Rose also entered and won first place in annual vocal competitions for the City of Chicago and Illinois State public schools and in the City of Chicago Park Districk talent shows. 

Rose started performing professionally when she was fourteen with a family friend, Uncle Bobby, who was known around Chicagoland as multi-instrumentalist and singer Robert Redwood. Uncle Bobby invited Rose to join him for occasional engagements such as New Year's Eve or as a guest in his concerts which were fund raising benefits for people in the Philippines.

During highschool and college Rose was also a professional cast member and a musician for Mary Matthews Gospel Productions, which perfomed a series of musical theater productions depicting the life of Jesus of Nazareth and his adventures with his diciples performed in the style of American Soul Gospel Music. The series was at the time the longest consecutive running package of theater shows in Chicago and performed at the Chicago National Bank Theater in the heart of what is now the downtown theater district of Chicago, and also toured the US to Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. With Mary Matthews Productions, Rose was influenced deeply by the Gospel Musical Style.  She started out playing her flute in the musical ensemble. But the performing bug had bit her and she eventually found herself center stage acting, singing and dancing. Rose also became the pianist for the ensemble for two seasons.

After high school Rose attended Roosevelt University on a vocal scholarship where she was a classical vocal major and a classical piano minor.  It was through a school chum that she discovered vocal jazz, which marked yet another change of course in Rose's life.  Once Rose was introduced to vocal improvisational scat, there was no turning back and she changed her major to vocal jazz and music education.

Rose started playing the piano and singing as a regular professional solo act in various Chicago hotels, restaurants, clubs, festivals and private events when she was still attending university at age 20. She even had the opportunity to hire some of her university teachers for gigs around Chicagoland.  Rose has also extensively toured as a vocalist, solo and duo pianist and also with her bands the Chicago Rose Garden and Chicago Rose and The Thorns and The Sound Vocal a Capella Quintet throughout the United States in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, Utah, Reno, Las Vegas, Burning Man, Florida, New York, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, Georgia, Arkansas, New Jersey, Connecticut, Idaho, Wahington DC, and Washington. Rose is also an international musical artist, performing globally in Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Nassau Bahamas, Singapore, mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong, and on Royal Carribbean Cruise Line.  During her 17 plus year piano bar career, Rose memorized and performed over 1000 cover songs from many different musical genres and also took song requests during every live performance. Rose also performed her one woman show for several universities and colleges around the US and was named APCA (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities) Solo Artist of the Year.  Rose has also worked for corporate tradeshows as a musical product presenter and a model.

Rose's I Am a Butterfly CD has received airplay in Chicago, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Spain and France.

Humor as always been a big part of Rose's life and she has also created a number of characters for Children's Educational Entertainment as well as for entertaining as a Roving Animation Artist for fairs and festivals. The Art of Silent Clowning was perfect for Rose as a singer because she could perform without using her voice all day at a festival and still have a silky vocal instrument for the piano bar or club at night.  Rose also performed as WINDI the Singing Clown, Rosie Hug the Lady Bug, and Misti the Holiday Elf, creating musical children's shows to promote reading and creative writing, and performing them in libraries across the states of Illinois and Wisconsin.

Ms. Winebrenner has also been the creator and host of radio talk shows The Heat of the Day at Burning Man Free Radio and Pop Up the Planet on Chicago's WSBC 1240 AM, the most prestigious brokered radio station in the Illinois market as well as broadcasting her show on WNDZ-AM 750, WAIT-AM 850, and WCFJ-AM 1470. On her radio show she interviewed musical guests such as legendary jazz violinist Johnny Frigo.

Rose's most recent large scale engagement was with Cirque du Soleil in Macau, where she was an original cast member and mezzo soprano singer character and musician in ZAiA, a multi-disciplinary with olympic level acrobatics and high tech automation and visuals. She was also featured on the Original Soundtrack to the show as a Vocalist, Vocal Arranger and Melodica Player. The ZAiA soundtrack can be found for sale online, or you may click on one of the links below to listen for free.

Rose Winebrenner also travels throughout Asia for her inspiration. One might see her walking on a beautiful path of flowers playing her ukulele and singing with the birds.

Rose is always composing and recording new inspirational and uplifting music. Melodies and harmonies drift through her mind as breezily as the wind. She also creates artistic images, mainly kaleidoscopes and mandalas, which are her favorite forms of geometric art.

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